Tight social media integration

Go social with a Nextwave Commerce powered storefront

Let customers promote your products

Allow your customers to promote your store wth the popular Facebook “Like” button and other social sharing buttons throughout your storefront and product pages. Each time a visitor shares your products on one of these social networks, it appears on their profile and can be seen by friends, and friends of friends and more! Allows for increased exposure of your storefront and product range. A set and forget strategy!

Sell (& more) on Facebook

Take your product range to where your customers are. Easily create another sales channel by displaying your product range on the worlds largest social network. The Facebook Shop tab allows your Facebook visitors to browse your entire product range without leaving Facebook. Updates made to your website are automatically reflected on Facebook Shop without you having to lift a finger.

Display your Top Picks on Facebook

Display your Top Picks content on a Facebook tab and give your fans something new to check out on your Facebook page each week. A great idea to keep things fresh and stay in touch with your Facebook fans as part of a website content schedule. All handled via your admin area.

Build your mailing list on Facebook

Mailing lists can drive your online sales so never miss a chance to grow it! Include a subscribe form on your Facebook page, and collect subscribers from the worlds largest social network. Set and forget, you can easily send an autoresponder email thanking them and perhaps offer a coupon code off their first purchase!

Share on Facebook for a discount

Encourage customers to promote your storefront by offering a discount to Facebook users. To get the discount customers must post a comment about the site on their Facebook timeline. Once posted their friends and friends of their friends will become aware of your website. Fully automated, you can set and forget this function to increase awareness of your storefront.

Tell a friend about this product

Give your customers an easy option to share your products with particular friends, just as though they were having a coffee and a chat! Your website will automatically send the recipient an email from the sender, along with a link to the product page and a custom message.

Collect & display customer comments

Provide an easy way for customers to leave feedback about their experience with your online store, then display these comments on your website to reassure and encoruage customers to shop with you. To further incentivise customers to provide feedback, run a competition for the best review!

Collect and display product reviews

Assist your customers in their buying decisions by providing customer reviews of your product range. Allow your customers to easily review products, for other customers to consider before purchasing. Controlled via admin, reviews need to be approved before appearing on the website

Promote on Facebook via your admin

No need to login to Facebook to post store data to your Facebook business page. With tight Facebook integration you can easily share products, categories, brands, sales, coupons and more from within your Nextwave Commerce admin with minimal effort. Great for keeping your social networks up to date with store content. Simply look for the “Share” link to popup a Facebook dialog and away you go!

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