Automate your marketing efforts

Automatically send personalised, relevant and timely emails to your customers

What are personalised trigger emails?

A triggered email, is a personalised email that is automatically sent based on an action your customer has taken in your online store. An action like completing an order, making a search, abandoning a cart, browsing a category etc.

Trigger emails enable you to send email messages that are highly personalised,  relevant, timely and valuable, and have a higher conversion rate. All without lifting a finger!

An intelligent triggered email marketing programme can have many benefits.

Increase loyalty

Automated emails provide you with the opportunity to build upon customer trust by automating timely, relevant, informative campaigns based on customer preferences and online behaviour.

Increases relevance

Using a change or event in a customer behavior to trigger an email response gives you the ability to create highly targeted, relevant campaigns based on customer interests at a time when they are most likely to purchase.

Drives efficiency

Time saved automating email campaigns will give you the freedom to focus on monitoring and improving campaign performance, as well as focus other aspects or running your online store.

Generate revenue

The many variations of triggered emails make it possible to design the perfect email message for every stage of the customer lifecycle. New customers can be won and existing customers nurtured.

It’s cheaper and far more effective to make current customers more loyal, than to spend money attracting new customers – Leo Scott, Walmart

Turn an abandoned cart into sale

Visitors who started but have not completed the checkout process are closer to making a purchasing decision. Studies have shown that you can increase conversion rates by as much as 48% if you follow up with potential customers who abandoned the checkout process. Don’t give up on them so easily.

Personalised recommendations

You probably send the same product offers to all of your customers . How about sending each customer a different email with personalized product recommendations based on their most recent activity on your website? All without lifting a finger.

Win back old customers

Keeping sales flowing is a major challenge of all online stores. Rather than using your resources to chase new customers, it can be more economical to automatically revisit old customers.

Wish List reminders

If customers have added items to their wish list, they are interested in your products.  Remind customers automatically via email that wish list products are in stock and ready to be ordered. Include an optional discount code, to provide further encouragement to order.

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