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Whatever you are selling, merchandise like a professional

Your new virtual sales team

Whatever you are aiming to sell online, Nextwave Commerce websites are tailor designed to your brand with the end goal being high conversions. Our clean and clear designs promote a seamless user experience that promote sales & repeat customers.

Clear and intuitive category structure

Help your customers find what they are looking for and seperate out your products into a logical concise category structure.  Either vertical or horizontal navigation, or complex menus with brands and featured items, its up to you, all are an option with Nextwave Commerce.

Useful product filters

Give your customers a simple fast way to further narrow down their search, they can easily filter products by brand, size, colour, price, what’s new and more. Great for larger product ranges but still effective for smaller ranges as well.

Clean and clear product detail pages

Present your products in the best possible light with clear, well presented product pages. Display all your  relevent product info, along with large images and more. This is where the sale process begins.

Related items

Stock similar products? Automatically display similar products alongside the main product.
See example on demo store

Complete the Set

Whether its accessories or a matching product. Easily suggest other products to your shoppers.
See example on demo store

Product Bundles

Bundle different products together and perhaps offer them at a collective discount.
See example on demo store

Ensembles / Outfits

Style products to offer to your customers, they can pick and choose from your selection.
See example on demo store

A picture is worth a thousand words

Selling online is a very visual process so you want to present your product range in the best possible light. Choose up to 10 images per product. Allow shoppers to zoom in on product images with the handy zoom function.

Product options & variations

If your products have options such as size or colour then display these as checkboxes or drop down lists on the product page, your Project Manager can help you determine the optimal display for your particular business. Customers can then filter products by these options to find exactly what they are looking for.

Ask a question

Provide good customer service and make it easy for shoppers to ask you a question about a product in your store. A simple form will popupwith relevant fields. Sent direct to your customer service email.

Share with a friend

Let your customers promote your products for you. A simple form will allow customers to share product pages with their friends, sent direct to the friend’s email address.

Manage stock from one easy page

Keep your stock levels up to date with our simple one page Stock Manager. Select the brand you wish to adjust and see all product types on the one page for easy top-to-bottom updating. We can work with external sources also.

Coming soon/pre-orders

Got new products arriving shortly? Easily promote them as PreOrders with this handy function, set the date the product is in-store and the software will take care of the rest.

Manage store brands

Easily manage multiple brands in your Storefront with the Brand Manager. Adjust display settings, add a description, and image / logo. Customers can then browse attractive brand pages. Even combine with the Salemaker function to run brand-specific sales.

Manage your online business

Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, the secure user friendly admin area allows you to look after all aspects of your online store. From adding products and updating your homepage to creating sales and fulfilling orders, its a breeze with this useful tool.

And many more features..

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