Drive your online sales!

With a huge range of built-in marketing functions

Manage specials & group sales

Put individual products on special, or create a sale within a particular category or brand, Sale items are clearly marked throughout their categories as well as being grouped on the sale page. This further draws your shoppers attention to the marked down products.

Use discount coupons in your marketing

Create an unlimited amount of discount coupon codes for use in your online store. Either a percentage discount, dollar amount off or a shipping discount. Simply set the amount, validity dates, and usage. You can then use these codes in your marketing for customers to use at checkout.

Display a homepage slideshow

Keep your homepage fresh with this useful function. Simply upload your image and provide a link if relevant, and it will be added to the homepage rotation. You can have the slides load in a particular order or at random to give visitors a different view each time they arrive at your site.

Showcase your top products!

Designed to be similar to an editorial piece in a magazine this attractive function allows you to pick and choose a number of products to showcase in a unique interactive format. You can select prodcuts, upload a photo and edit the introdcutory text. Usage ideas includes Staff Picks, Top Picks and Must Haves!

Display a nifty product slider

Display particular products from your range on the homepage, with the attractive product slider Controlled via admin, you can choose which products go on display, or if its just a random selection. A great function to consider for your store to give some movement and display some of your product range on your homepage.

Say hello to your visitors!

The aptly named “Hello Bar” allows you to incude a promotional message at the top of your website. Controlled via admin, this function is great for announcing spot sales and promotions. Each visitor is sure to see your message as it drops into view with a nice effect a few seconds after the visitor has arrived at your site. Turn it on or off as you wish!

Drive mailing list & Facebook growth

The ‘Welcome Popover” will appear to all first time visitors to your website (no matter what page they arrive on) and encourage them to join your mailing list. It will also encourage visitors to “like” your Facebook page. To further incentivise this process easily offer a ’10% off your next purchase’ coupon code. All easily controlled via admin.

And many more features..

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