Rock solid infrastructure & hosting

Reliable, secure and fully supported. Giving your business peace of mind

Everything you need all in one place


Nextwave Commerce is a true all-in-one e-commerce platform, giving you a securely hosted website, domain name, shopping cart, product catalog, CRM, email accounts, marketing tools, reporting and a facebook store.

Hosted and supported by knowledgeable team using superior hardware.

Datacenter features


Our data centre is state-of-the-art and allows our clients’ online stores to run 24x7x365.

Server facilities have industry best-practice environmental controls, backup power and security.

The internal infrastructure is extremely robust with quality cooling systems, access flooring and individual power circuits to each cabinet.

Application servers are under constant supervision and utilise firewalls, intrusion detection systems, instant notifications and password rotation schemes to keep them secure.

A staging environment is available to preview and test work.

Hardened systems against privilege escalation and SQL injection attacks.

Effective firewall rules to ensure protection from DOS attacks.

Data integrity protection through the use of RAID arrays and nightly scripts.

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