Customer focused & sales driven

Look after your customers and learn from them

Manage orders & communications

Look after your orders via the straight forward order management system and automatically keep your customers in the loop via an email whenever you change an orders status. Stock levels are automatically reduced when an order is placed. You can also edit orders after they come in, adding or removing items, as well as applying a post-sale discount and/or change shipping costs.

Learn about your customers, then act!

Each customer record is rich in informtion. Easily find out useful information about your customers via the customer section of your admin area. From total spend and number of orders, to VIP and mailing list status and more. Easily accesible where you need it, like alongside order information.

Issue store credit notes

Easily create and report on store credit via the admin. Store Credit notes are automatically sent to the recipient for the amount you specify and their balance tracked in the admin.

Edit & track referral sources

During account creation you can ask your customers how they found you. Add as many as you like. Got some press coming up and want to know who saw it? Add it to the referral source list!

Export orders & customers

They are your customers and your orders.
Easily export this information for use in other applications.

Handy email response templates

Streamline you data entry answering orders with these handy templates. Once created they can be selected from the order communication area.

Customers have their own account area

Provide a great customer experience and allow your customers to view and update their account themselves. This also saves you time and effort in administration. From updating personal information and shipping addresses, to changing their email subscriptions, checking past orders and seeing their gift card balance. Its all in the self serve customer account area!

Customer help and support

Linked throughout your website and checkout process, the self-serve help area allows customers to get immediate answers to their sales related questions. Contact information is also on show for support issues that can’t be resolved by the help articles. Help articles are easily editable via admin you can add/edit at any time!

And many more features..

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