Effective custom store design

Designed for desktop, tablet & mobile shopping

Designed to suit your business

Fill out our design brief and provide your logo, that’s it! Whatever you are selling, Nextwave Commerce websites are tailor designed to your brand with the end goal being high conversions. Our clean and clear designs promote a seamless user experience resulting in higher sales & repeat customers. We can work with your creative also!

Clear concise category structure

Help your customers find what they are looking for and seperate out your products into a logical concise category structure.  Either vertical or horizontal navigation, or complex menus with brands and featured items, its up to you, all are an option with Nextwave Commerce.

Results driven store design

Filled with useul shopping features your store category pages, brand pages and product pages are carefully crafted to turn website visitors into customers

Branded email communications

Never miss a change to make a good impression! All communication from your storefront, from welcome emails to order updates, are professionally presented with your custom email branding.

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